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Welcome to Snazzy’s school and footwear. 
Since day one our mission has to been to supply the local community with high quality and affordable uniforms and we’ve been achieving this since 1991 in the heart of Darwen. 

We are a name that has been trusted across multiple generations. Our focus is entirely on you, the customer. We strive to provide you with a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience as you select your children's uniforms. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we're committed to ensuring you leave our store content and confident in your choices.

If you have any business or specialised requested please call or pop into the shop

We supply a full range of badged uniforms for the follow schools: 

  • Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

  • Darwen Vale High School

  • St Bedes High School

  • St Peters Primary School

  • Sudell Primary School

  • St Joseph's Primary School

  • Ashleigh Primary School

  • St Barnabas Primary School

  • St Pauls Hoddlesden Primary School

  • St Edwards Primary School

  • St James Primary School

  • Holy Trinity Primary School

We also have a range of plain items that can be used along side badged items or other nearby school. At Snazzy's we make sure to keep a full range of uniform throughout the year for those unfortunate mishaps. 

As well we stock a range of footwear for boys and girls along with other school items like socks, bags, book bags, pumps, shin pads, mouth guards, goggles and much more. 


Are you facing challenges when it comes to covering the cost of your children's uniforms all at once? Are you interested in finding a way to reduce the financial burden associated with uniform purchases?

If so, we invite you to become a part of our Uniform Club. Since our establishment in 1991, we have been operating this club with the recognition that not everyone is able to afford a uniform in a single substantial payment. That's why we've designed a solution to break down the expenses and distribute them over a period of time.

Here's how the Uniform Club operates: Upon registering, you have the flexibility to deposit varying amounts of money according to your convenience, whether over a shorter or more extended timeframe. Consequently, by the time you need to buy your children's uniforms, a significant portion, if not the entirety, of the uniform cost will have already been covered. This approach is aimed at bringing more financial ease to your wallet.

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01254 708245


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9:00 am – 5:00 pm



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